david lee
From : Singapore, Singapore, Singapore
Status : u were respected as one of the very powerful players in the mixed doubles but since
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david updated status :

"u were respected as one of the very powerful players in the mixed doubles but since"
67 months ago
david commented on photo :

"Is it time for her decline? Many of her challengers have gone from strength to strength. Her knee injury could be a sign. In today's match against Schenk, she don't seemed to have totally recovered as she appeared not stretching so much as she'd always done to retrieve net drops and it affected her performance. That said, I also do not understand why was she frequently returning shots directly to her opponent. What is her coach doing? Surely he can see that! One more thing, she must up her skill set by adding backhand strike that some players are able to use to their advantage."
78 months ago
david commented on photo :

"Chang Nan is the weaker link in his partnership with Chai Biao. He had played fairly well in the mixed doubles as it is not as strenuous in that category. He can't do three continuous smashes like what the Korean pair of Lee and Ko are able to. He has to develop his physical strength or the team cannot advance further, as there are many strong teams out there."
78 months ago
david updated status :

"U lost to Simon of Ind. in the Djarum SS. He was in control of the game throughout and you were three times as hard . U know why? U were feeding him the shuttle in your return shots most of the time!"
82 months ago
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83 months ago
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