Tan Wee Kiong   (Men's doubles partner : Hoon Thien How)
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Current Ranking : 29 (Men's doubles)
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D.O.B. May 21, 1989 (age 30)
Country   Malaysia
Height 1.75
Handedness Right
Men's doubles
Partner Hoon Thien How
Current Ranking 29
Highest Ranking 7
2015 TOTAL BWF World Championships MDR2 Goh/Tan vs Ko/Shin
Publish on 12/08/2015    Views : 1624
2015 TOTAL BWF World Championships Men's doubles 2nd Round Goh V Shem/Tan Wee Kiong [MAS] vs Ko Sung Hyun/Shin Baek Choel ...
2015 The Star Australian Open MDR2 Hiroyuki/Kenichi vs Goh/Tan
Publish on 28/05/2015    Views : 1286
2015 The Star Australian Open Men's doubles 2nd Round Hiroyuki Endo/Kenichi Hayakawa [JPN] vs Goh V Shem/Tan Wee Kiong [MAS] score : ...
2015 BWF Sudirman Cup MDQF Lee/Yoo vs Goh/Tan
Publish on 14/05/2015    Views : 1680
2015 BWF Sudirman Cup Men's doubles Quarter Final Lee Yong Dae/Yoo Yeon Seong [KOR] vs Goh V Shem/Tan Wee Kiong [MAS] score ...
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2015 Australian Badminton Open 2nd Round
Images (42)  |  Views (38978)
2014 Australian Badminton Open
Images (90)  |  Views (59781)
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What the fans said?
Pairote Tay Posted on 20/05/2016
Does tan wee kiong related to tan boon heung?They really looked alike.
ohohoh ohohoh Posted on 09/07/2014
It seems that goh v shem / tan wee kiong can't win any medals anymore after Thomas cup 2014. I had to admit that their performance during Thomas cup was superb but after that they can't win. They lose badly to lee Yong dae / yoo yeon seong in the recent Australian open. So sad. Their performance is so inconsistent. I am a Japanese but I am so sad to see them lose. Lee Yong dae / yoo yeon seong is definitely better than them.
Xie Zhi Wei Posted on 08/07/2014
ohohoh ohohoh Posted on 02/07/2014
I think tan wee kiong needs to prove to all his fans out there that he can win. Come on. I hope to see goh v Shem / tan wee kiong winning more badminton matches. Come on. I hope that tan WK will partner goh vs forever as this is the best Malaysian pair. Come on tan WK / goh vs prove to us you all can win a match. Don't be lousy and stop talking about your Thomas cup success. Buck up and make less mistakes in tournaments and I m sure you all can win. Ganbatte. Learn from Lee yong date / yoo yeon seong success
ohohoh ohohoh Posted on 02/07/2014
Malaysia is now talking about finding a good partner for tan boon being but I don't see any of his partner who can support him. What are the Malaysians doing now? They seem to come up with new pairs for different tournament but none of it works. No matter who they are pair with they cannot produce the result. Even when tan boon heong I paired up with tan wee kiong they also can't win. I must admit that tan boon heong is a good player. If the Malaysians failed to find a good partner for him it will be a waste. He is getting older now but still got no partner to support him.
ohohoh ohohoh Posted on 02/07/2014
I am a Japanese who just love to watch badminton matches but now I just don't feel like watching you and goh olay badminton anymore because I found out that both of you are lousy players. You and goh can only brag about your Thomas cup success but after that cannot play anymore. Come on don't be so arrogant and proud of your pass success. Both you and goh can never be successful if you all continue to make so many serious errors while playing on the court. Both you and goh should learn from lee Yong dae and yoo yeon seong how to be a good badminton matches player.
ohohoh ohohoh Posted on 02/07/2014
I used to think that both goh v shem / tan wee kiong are good badminton players but now I don't think so. In fact lee Yong dae / yoo yeon seong are better. They have good badminton skills and walk the talk. They perform. So now I want to ask. What are you guys good at? Your result is so inconsistent.. You can only brag about your Thomas cup success. After that you and goh cannot perform anymore. I watched you guys playing with lee yd / yoo ys live in Australia and I was so disappointed with both of you. Your performance is so lousy.
ohohoh ohohoh Posted on 29/06/2014
He plays better when he partners with Goh V Shem so I sincerely his partnership with Goh V Shem can be retained forever.
ohohoh ohohoh Posted on 29/06/2014
In Japan badminton is not so famous but I really love to see Goh V Shem and Tan Wee Kiong playing together. Hi I am their great supporter and fans. As a Japanese I really hope both of you can blossom into a world class badminton players. Good Luck.
ohohoh ohohoh Posted on 29/06/2014
Goh / Tan are just purely lucky to be able to win all the Thomas Cup matches because they are a new pairing that their opponents have yet to study their weaknesses. Now once they play more often together, the opponents will know their weaknesses and it is difficult to win. However, I still strongly believe that Goh V Shem / Tan Wee Kiong are the best combination that we can offer so far for the men doubles. I just hope that they will continue to improve themselves. I really hope to see Goh V Shem / Tan Wee Kiong proving to the world that they are the best ranked badminton players. Till then all the best. I hope I can see both Goh VS and Tan WK in action more often. Ganbatte. I am a Japanese who loves to watch both of you playing though.
ohohoh ohohoh Posted on 29/06/2014
Another casualty again. This time he lost to Lee YD / Yoo YS in the latest 2014 Australian badminton tournament. Here we are talking about his great success after the recent Thomas Cup 2014. The pair of goh / tan is said to be very good and can beat any world class player. However, that is only during the Thomas Cup 2014 matches. After that his performance was very bad. Goh / Tan lose to Lee / Yoo in the recent badminton tournament then followed by Hoon / Tan lose to Lee / Yoo. It seems to be like a jinx or curse. Malaysian doubles are said to be weak and they cannot win against a Korean pair and this is proven to be true. All out men double’s success seems to be halted by the Koreans. Well that only proves one thing. We are lousy and will continue to be lousy if our doubles only continue to brag about their Thomas Cup success and do nothing about it. So sad. They are not the world class players. Goh / Tan are just purely lucky to be able to win all the Thomas Cup matches because they are a ...
Weddy Muliawan Posted on 30/05/2014
Great bro, good luck in next tournament !
Phyllis Posted on 26/05/2014
I'm very fond of you n your partner, Goh's performance in this final ThomasCup Tournament.
I hope can see you guy's in every incoming tournament. All the best !!!
Jit Min Bong Posted on 18/05/2014
Congratulations!!! We r supporting u in front of TV in Malaysia!!
SCRYLLE EVERSNEY M Posted on 11/04/2013
never give up,..always try your best,.
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