How To Choose A Badminton Racket?  
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In any sport, choosing the right equipment is vital for an effective and successful game and that is certainly the case with Badminton, where the right racquet can make all the difference. Whether you are a novice or an experienced player, getting the best racquet to suit your game can only enhance your enjoyment of the sport.

However, what types of badminton racquet are out there and how do you decide which is going to be the best for your individual game? The answer can very much depend on your level of experience.
As far as shape is concerned, badminton racquets provide two distinct alternatives classic oval versus isometric. Obviously they look very different but the reasons for having two shapes goes far beyond the question of mere looks.

The classic, oval shaped racquet has a much smaller sweet spot, which is that part on the face where the shuttlecock is hit with better speeds and timing. This means that for the novice player, it is much harder to find that sweet spot at first and attacking shots become difficult to master.

In contrast, the isometric racquet with its squared off top is far more forgiving because it has a much larger sweet spot. Shots that may have lacked pace and timing with the oval racquet, are easier to carry out and that is why many new players start with the isometric racquet before progressing to the oval version as they become more confident.

The next point to consider is weight and once again, your choice should really depend on the level that you have achieved as a player. Lighter racquets are harder to control whilst a heavier piece of equipment will provide more stability. In general, the weight of a badminton racquet can very between 85g and 100g and novice players are widely advised to look for those that weigh 89g or more.

Depending on the material used in the manufacture of the racquet, some may be very stiff whilst others are flexible and have more `give` when you are hitting the shot. The stiffer racquets are designed with the experienced player in mind as they reward those who have greater power and more importantly, greater accuracy in their shots.

A flexible racquet on the other hand will cover certain mistakes that new and improving players may make. It will compensate for that lack of strength and accuracy and as such, it is a far better choice when you are just starting to play the game.

Naturally, another major consideration is that of price and this is one area where personal preference will play a major part. The cheapest badminton racquets can start at around 20.00 and buying at this lower end of the scale can certainly be a good idea if you are just looking to try the game out.

From that point, a top of the range professional racquet can cost in excess of 100.00. Whether you pay that much is up to you and buying the most expensive piece of sporting equipment certainly isn`t essential. However, if you are serious about badminton then it makes sense to purchase the best quality racquet that you can comfortably afford.

So when the time comes to call into a SportsBallShop to buy your first racquet, remember that there are many things to consider. By taking all of this information into account you can be sure of making the right decision.

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Posted On 25/09/2018
Definately many things to check when buying a new racket and also helps u in this journey.
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