European Championships:Michael Fuchs, Oliver Roth take Germany into MD finals  
Published on 21/04/2012     Source :

Men’s Doubles team of Germany Michael Fuchs-Oliver Roth escorted their country to final round of European Championships after beating the duo of Rasmus Bonde-Anders Kristiansen in semi-final match on April 20, 2012.

The epic tussle of 62 minutes proved a tough test of their physical and mental fitness as it prolonged to three exhausting sets which was resolved with final results of 21-18, 17-21 and 21-14.

In opening game of the match, both contenders kept the spectators glued to their chairs with a mesmerising performance throughout the first set.

Germans had a slight edge over their rivals with 7-5 initially but the Danish couple Rasmus-Kristiansen managed to bring them down with 11-9 until one-minute break.

After the break they maintained their lead by ticking 15 total points in score log but their challengers made a swift progress and pocketed four consecutive points to raise their score from 13 to 17 points.

Both contenders were at 18-18 when Michael Fuchs and Oliver Roth built a successful partnership to oust their opponents in this nerve-racking tussle with a decisive margin of 21-18.

The second game was also a cliff-hanging tussle as none of the two contenders could get into commanding position before last stages of the set.

In first half, the duo of Rasmus and Kristiansen were in a deficit but they bounced back with some uninterrupted rallies and managed to put a decent total of 11-8 before the interval.

After the interval, the opposing couple Michael Fuchs-Oliver Roth dominated for a short period of time with 15-12 but the Danish team got back into business by catching them at 15-15.

They levelled the match score with a favourable margin of 21-17 in second set.

The decider turned consequential with 1-1 position and crowd was expecting lot of fireworks in the final set but their thirst was not filled as it turned one-sided tussle after the half time.

Michael Fuchs and Oliver Roth did not give any counter-attack opportunity to their rivals after 7-7 score and emerged as Champions after putting a significant total 21-14 on the board.

The Germans will now face another Danish pair Mathias Boe-Carsten Mogensen in title match of the event.


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