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Lin Dan Oakley TV Ad
Publish on 01/06/2014    Views : 2143
The world's leading sports equipment brand Oakley signed Lin Dan as the first Chinese brand spokesperson. Lin Dan or Super Dan has always been tireless in competitive sports and personal locator breakthrough, made him a Oakley representative of choice in China.
China Badminton Tournament Promotion TV Ad
Publish on 01/08/2013    Views : 2167
China Badminton Tournament Yu Lin Zheng Ba Promotion TV Cartoon Ad.
Fu Haifeng Fedex TV Ad
Publish on 31/07/2013    Views : 2399
Fu Haifeng Fedex TV Ad - My Promise
Red Bull commercial
Publish on 25/10/2010    Views : 1850
Lin Dan and China badminton national team on Red Bull Commercial.
Kason's Feng Yun series TV A.D.
Publish on 28/09/2010    Views : 2041
Kason's TV A.D. by Men's Double World No.1 - Cai Yun & Fu Haifeng
Lee Yong Dae on Victor Commercial
Publish on 08/08/2010    Views : 2188
Korean Mixed Double Lee Yong Dae & Lee Hyo Jung on Victor's first TV Commercial.
Lin-Ning badminton racket A.D.
Publish on 21/05/2010    Views : 2303
Li Ning National Team Badminton rackets could be used to fight a nuclear explosion! The China National team is sponsored by Li Ning. Lin Dan uses the Li Ning Woods N90
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