2011 Yonex Hong Kong Open MDF Cai/Fu vs Jung/Lee  
Publish on 20/11/2011 Views (5022)
Cai Yun

From China
Jung Jae Sung

From South Korea

Game 1 : 14-21

Game 2 : 24-22

Game 3 : 21-19

Fu Haifeng

From China
Lee Yong Dae

From South Korea

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5 Comments so far
Randolph Lau Posted On 24/11/2011
Benson, many thanks for the link!
Benson Ruan Posted On 23/11/2011
For people in HK, you can download this MD Final here: http://115.com/file/e6twrfd2
Randolph Lau Posted On 23/11/2011
Hi Badminton link,Can you help to make this video available to Hong Kong members?
Benson Ruan Posted On 22/11/2011
BWF blocked the video in Hong Kong, it can be watched worldwide expect Hong Kong
Mun Ping Lam Posted On 22/11/2011
This video is blocked in my country, who can watch??
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