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BadmintonLink is a social network for badminton fans and players.

What is BadmintonLink?
BadmintonLink.com is the best place to follow daily badminton news, watch world-wide tournament videos. We dedicate to provide the latest badminton news of tournaments from all over the world. If you are a badminton fans, and can't miss any important matches, this is the place for you. With our up-to-date broadcast of badminton videos, you can grab your favorite drinks, some snacks and start enjoying the exciting matches.
BadmintonLink.com is a comprehensive reference site for learning badminton. Whether you are only a beginner or a professional player, here on BadmintonLink.com you will find the tutorial you need to move your skill to a further level. Badminton is a technical sport, and most players simply don't know the correct techniques. Not every player has a coach, this site helps players to learn for themselves.
BadmintonLink.com is an online community for badminton players and badminton fans. We provide you the opportunity to meet new people who also love badminton, exchange tips and thoughts with them, join groups to take part in any social activities of badminton, post photos when you take on the court, tell your stories and learn from others' experiences. To put your first step showing your passion of badminton, register on BadmintonLink.com today!
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