Bestminton Square  
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Location : 119 Park Rd Soi 1 Nongbon Prawet
Bangkok, Thailand
Phone : 02-7462355, 082-3499111
Email :

Monday - Friday 07.00 - 24.00.
Saturday - Sunday 09.00 - 24.00 

 Standard Court :  400 baht per hour

No. of Courts : 16

Floor : Synthetic rubber

Service :
Olympic Badminton Court This high-quality materials and equipment from Germany. Stands ready to support the enterprise to compete nationally. Ground from Italy The flexible high-speed recovery. Glare and anti-slip as well. Protects the ankle, knee when playing for a long time. The ceiling has been designed to be exceptionally high. To be ventilated without disturbing the trajectory of the ball. The lighting system is well designed to allow light to be distributed evenly, without disturbing the players.

Olympic Badminton Court. Blue Badminton Court Up to 10 Court.

Olympic Badminton Court. Blue Badminton Court Available in 6 Court.

Other facilities:
- Gym
- Boxing
- Yoga
- Cafe
- Pro Shop

Description :

BESTMINTON SQUARE Lifestyle Sports Complex A new concept designed to accommodate the diverse needs of healthy people. By Thak area over 6,000 square meters into a Sports Community Complex is the first and one in Thailand. Incorporates the popular fitness activities for the new generation coming together. Incorporating the arts and entertainment The atmosphere is calm and also BESTMINTON SQUARE also offers convenience to users with facilities and services such excellent care team thoroughly. Restrooms, Air Parking and Security. Including food (Bestminton Healthy Boxx) that Cafébar and sales and rental of sports equipment at the Pro Shop to deliver a superior experience to make a difference to the exercise. Everyone can have unlimited access to members.


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