Sports Arena Sentosa  
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Location : Jalan Seri Sentosa 2A, Taman Seri Sentosa
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone : 016-9103211
Day Time
Monday - Sunday 8:00am - 3:00am next day

-          17 Rubberized Court (Excellent cushioning & shock absorbing)

-          4 Premium Court (Superb cushioning, always on air & built in with aircon)










RM 18 / hour

RM 30 / hour

RM 23 / hour

RM 40 / hour

RM 28 / hour

RM 50 / hour

0100 – 0300

1000 – 1200

1800 – 2030

0800 – 1000

1400 – 1600

2030 – 2300

1200 – 1400

1600 – 1800



2300 – 0100


No. of Courts : 21

Floor : Rubber (17), Premier (4)

Service :
Comprehensive one stop sports & recreation center, sports & facilities provided include:
-17 rubberized badminton court, 4 premium badminton court with aircon
-3 interlocking pitch for Futsal with FIFA standard, 1 rubberized pitch
-2 tennis / ping pong table with rubberized court
-5 Snooker Table, 3 Pool Table and 1 Exclusive Snooker table
-Free outdoor basketball & Volleyball court (CSR programme)
-Free Jogging track

Others Service/ Facilities :
-Venue Hire/Event Management
-Looi Badminton Academy (Customized Training)
-Sports Shop
-Car Wash
-Sports Therapy

Description :

Let’s go on a relaxing holiday to Sports Arena Sentosa (SAS), where sports and recreation awaits us!

Gather some friends and relatives for a fun-filled weekend and rendezvous at SAS. After all, the best way to relax is to play some good sports. On top of that, it assures quality time and inculcates teamwork.

Miles apart from your ordinary sports centre, SAS provides only 5-star facilities at a very reasonable price. It boasts of world class badminton courts that guarantee that unique ‘All-England’ feel. You can really thrash it out as much as you please without a worry on your mind, so said the world’s No.1 badminton titan! You can also challenge the badminton coaches for a friendly if you dare. And who knows, you might even get to

If you are game, go for futsal on our FIFA-standard courts later. Alternatively, you can play snooker or relax in the Premier Lounge, shooting the breeze and enjoying a movie. For the basketball enthusiasts, a basketball match on our outdoor court is highly recommended.

There are more ways to relax here. The wives and children can practise yoga or go for a quiet work-out in the gym, or enjoy a refreshing massage rendered by our sports therapists. And the kids can join some sports classes and learn to be a ‘karate kid’! If the children prefer other leisure activities, they can spend some time on our touch-screen arcade games, or read a book in the Steak Factory café or the Premier Lounge, nursing a latte or white coffee at the same time, or surf the internet, as the case may be. Both the café and the lounge are WIFI-friendly, of course.

SAS supports a completely healthy resort lifestyle. There are hostel suites that are replete with laundry service. There is a sports shop equipped with the latest sports gear from world-renowned brands such as Nike, Adidas, Yonex and the likes. There is a Steak factory outlet where you can bite into the juiciest steaks in town or enjoy fine western cuisines with great gusto.

Playing sports has never been such fun. What’s more, you can now enjoy real quality time with your family and a little camaraderie with your friends, amidst all 5-star facilities at such reasonable rates!


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