Arizona Badminton Center  
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Location : 2150 W Broadway, Suite #107
Mesa, Arizona, United States
Phone : 480-699-2760
Email :
Day Time
Monday to Friday 2:00pm - 10:00pm
Saturday  10:00am - 7:00pm
Sunday 1:00pm - 7:00pm

Regular Playing Memberships:

    Day Rate:         $10/day
    Monthly Rate:   $48/month + $50 initial set up fee
    Annual Rate:    $480/year + $50 initial set up fee (save 2 months)

    Day Rate:         $17/day
    Monthly Rate:   $80/month + $50 initial set up fee
    Annual Rate:    $800/year + $50 initial set up fee (save 2 months)

*Monthly memberships may cancel at any time, however there are no refunds for the initiation fee or any monthly fees already processed.  Cancellation requires at least one week advance in-person or written notice prior to the monthly charge date.  Should the monthly memberwish to re-start their membership within one year of cancellation, then areduced $25 initiation fee will be assessed.  Re-started memberships after one year of cancellation will be treated as a new membership with the full initiation fee due.

*Annual memberships are pre-paid and non-refundable.

No. of Courts : 4

Description :

The vision of the Arizona Badminton Center is to provide the very best badminton-specific facility for players of all ages and ability levels 7 days a week year-round! Friends - Family - Fitness - Training.

For years badminton has been a second-rate sport in Arizona with no facility to call our own and no place for consistent badminton fitness and training. Although we are very thankful for the many locations that allow for badminton play usually once or twice a week for about 3 hours each session, these facilities are all multi-use gyms providing substandard badminton conditions. The limited amount of court time available also greatly deters the coaching and training opportunities that so many desire.

Badminton is a rapidly growing international sport with a huge following from recreational and PE participation on to the Olympic level of play. More than 130 nations have national governing bodies for the sport of badminton with a thriving schedule of professional tournaments world-wide. With its English origins badminton has a strong emphasis on sportsmanship and appeals to a wide range of ages from under 8 to over 80 and equally to men and women. Perhaps more than any other sport, badminton is suited to regular family participation.

In Arizona there is a long tradition of girls' Varsity and JV high school badminton teams. The AIA high school sport of badminton has been established for more than 50 years and forms an important basis for the playing and training opportunities we offer.

There is also a strong and growing recreational and club level badminton community in Arizona. This includes adult and senior players, many who participate in local, regional and national tournaments.


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