Glos+Stars Badminton Club and Performance Centre
Location : 5 Appleton Way, Hucclecote Gloucester United Kingdom
Tags : Glos+Stars, badminton, performance centre
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About Glos+Stars Badminton Club and Performance Centre
Created by Dave Woolway on 28/09/2011 Members (1)  |   Events (0)  |   Posts (0)
Glos+Stars was created by Ian Day in 2007 and gained BE Performance Centre status in 2010. The club is now run by a committee with the senior management team comprising a chairman, Club Director and PC Director.

The Club and PC offer social badminton, coaching, league match play and international trips. The PC offers high quality coaching through its Head Coach (Rebecca Pantaney (Commonwealth gold medalist and an England youth coach).

The committee is undergoing some restructuring at the moment so all inquiries should be to

Glos+Stars has a previously created Facebook group at "Glos+Stars Badminton Club - New Group"
Email :
Phone : +75-1313-2989
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Club Founder
Dave Woolway
Group created on 28/09/2011
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