2014 India Grand Prix Gold  
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When : From 21/01/2014 (Tue) to 26/01/2014 (Sun)
Where : Babu Banarasi Das Indoor Stadium
Lucknow, India
Men's singles :
Women's singles :
Men's doubles :
Women's doubles :
Mixed doubles :
Prize money: USD 120,000


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1 Comments so far
Tige Mongmaeg Posted On 26/01/2014
The Line judge send Saina Nehwal to Final 'Several times by making wrong calls' again the chinese player Xuen Deng. Shame on you guys(indian line judge officials) to get such un-worth trophy.Xuen Deng, keep on jia yiu. You play a better game than Saina today. But the location is wrong, in India. You must understand the mind set of Indian line judges!!!
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