2014 Yonex German Open Badminton Championships  
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When : From 25/02/2014 (Tue) to 02/03/2014 (Sun)
Where : RWE-Sporthalle
Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany
Men's singles :
Women's singles :
Men's doubles :
Women's doubles :
Mixed doubles :
 StageDateStart TimeEnd Time (Approx)
Qualifying Rounds 25/02/2014 9AM
MS 1st Round 25/02/2014 5PM
1st Round 26/02/2014 9AM
2nd Round 27/02/2014 12PM
Quarter Final 28/02/2014 4PM
Semi Final 01/03/2014 2PM
Final 02/03/2014 12PM
Prize money: USD 120,000


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3 Comments so far
Don Dhara Posted On 17/03/2014
the german and swiss open is the worst live streaming i ever seen, even though i do have a special program for live sport, i didn`t have any problem with the all england championship 2014 i do not have much to say. there is also a big problem with some of the service judges they are incredible like to make themslves important it`s horrible i`m really disappointed with this two tournament donald ps,please answer back
Don Dhara Posted On 02/03/2014
Hallo it is writen that we can get live streaming from the german open but what is happenning we get one match and then it is all over have you got a problem with the technik or don`t you have enough personal to do the job it is really frustrating i don`t simply understand it please write to us thank you very much donald.
Don Dhara Posted On 28/02/2014
ich möchte top klass badminton anschauen vom top spieler die sehr hart trainert hat und nicht schietsrechter die ein spiel kaputt macht, für die sport badminton is es keine gute werbung ich bitte die badminton schietsrechter verband es gut zu überlegen. ich spieler badminton fur über 60 jahren und ich weiss was ich hier schreib,wir leben doch nicht in der 50er jahre wo man kann mit solche entscheidung treffen kann,also bitte denk an die spieler und die zuschauer die badminton anschauen möchte donald
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