2012 Yonex Sunrise Hong Kong Open  
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When : From 20/11/2012 (Tue) to 25/11/2012 (Sun)
Where : Hong Kong Coliseum
Hong Kong, China
Men's singles :
Women's singles :
Men's doubles :
Women's doubles :
Mixed doubles :
 StageDateStart TimeEnd Time (Approx)
Qualifying Round 20/11/2012 9:30AM
1st Round 21/11/2012 9AM
2nd Round 22/11/2012 1PM
Quarter Final 23/11/2012 1PM
Semi Final 24/11/2012 1PM
Final 25/11/2012 1:30PM
Prize money: USD 250,000


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4 Comments so far
venis ku Posted On 23/11/2012
u can watch online on this site http://www.hahasport.com/v-4/8/34/v-483524.html
cheng cn Posted On 23/11/2012
I also question why there is no livestreaming for this tournament. Livestream was found in every superleagues eg Lining China, French, Denmak, etc,it is very unusual there is none in HK. Pls improve your service area so that the badminton fans can watch their idol.
M. Dhito Prihardhanto Posted On 21/11/2012
why is there no livestreaming here?
Balint Vasarhelyi Posted On 19/11/2012
What happened to your tournament broadcasts?
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