Teo Joo
From : Kajang, Selangor, Malaysia
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Date Posted : 14/01/2013 Comments (6)  |   Views (2506)

Badminton Essentials,

 Just want to share with all Badminton (Para-Badminton as well) lovers everythings about badminton. Happy sharing, be engaged and have fun:)

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6 Comments so far
john michael Posted On 27/04/2019
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Susan Sullivanir Posted On 28/03/2019
Thanks for you arctile!
Jone Smith Posted On 21/03/2019
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John Meekins Posted On 20/02/2019
This is the newest post? Is there any way new posts can be added? I tried to share some of my badminton (and sports, in general) experience with the community here, but I get the message that no new blogs can be added. Is there any way to add new entries?
Alana Downer Posted On 23/10/2018
I expected a bit longer piece :P When I started, all I had was an old racquet and some decent sports shoes (we were playing outdoor mostly). I guess that if you don't want to go pro, this is enough for a beginner.
Posted On 09/07/2018
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