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Current Ranking : 8 (Women's singles)
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D.O.B. Jan 18, 1988 (age 31)
Country   China
Height 1.78 m
Handedness Right
Women's singles
Current Ranking 8
Highest Ranking 1
2015 Dubai World Superseries Finals WSF Nozomi Okuhara vs Wang Yihan
Publish on 13/12/2015    Views : 6439
2015 Dubai World Superseries Finals Women's singles Final Nozomi Okuhara [JPN] vs Wang Yihan [CHN] score : 22-20 21-18
2015 Thaihot China Open WSSF Saina Nehwal vs Wang Yihan
Publish on 15/11/2015    Views : 5780
2015 Thaihot China Open Women's singles Semi Final Saina Nehwal [IND] vs Wang Yihan [CHN] score : 21-13 21-18
2015 TOTAL BWF World Championships WSQF Saina Nehwal vs Wang Yihan
Publish on 14/08/2015    Views : 2430
2015 TOTAL BWF World Championships Women's singles Quarter Final Saina Nehwal [IND] vs Wang Yihan [CHN] score : 21-15 19-21 21-19
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Asian Games: Wang Yihan upsets teammate Li Xuerui to win gold in Incheon
Publish on 28/09/2014
China's Wang Yihan fought back from a game down to condemn badminton world number one teammate Li Xuerui to another shock defeat in the women's singles final at the Asian ...
Ex-world champ Wang Yihan out of Japan Open
Publish on 12/06/2014
China's former world badminton champion Wang Yihan crashed out in the second round of the Japan Open on Thursday at the hands of Japanese giant killer Sayaka Takahashi.
Wang Yihan the third Chinese seed down
Publish on 06/03/2013
Wang Yihan follows compatriots Li Xuerui and Du Pengyu out of this years All England as she lost to Lindaweni Fanetri in straight sets.
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2015 Australian Badminton Open Quarter Final
Images (17)  |  Views (38046)
2015 Australian Badminton Open 2nd Round
Images (42)  |  Views (39745)
2015 Australian Badminton Open 1st Round
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Wang Yihan (Chinese: 王仪涵; pinyin: Wáng yí hán; born January 18, 1988 in Shanghai) is a professional female badminton player from China. Wang started her career with her coach Wang Pengren at only nine years of age. She was selected for the junior team in 2004, and after being promoted to the senior team in 2006 she began to shine in major tournaments. By October 2009 she was the top ranked Women's singles player in the world. She is currently coached by Zhang Ning, twice Olympic gold medalist.

What the fans said?
Ashley Manuel Posted on 24/06/2017
where is she? now not to be seen on the badminton she retired from badminton?
david lee Posted on 20/01/2017
Learned that u r not in the nat. team anymore. But u still play for yr club in the CBSL. Apparently, there's a slight change in the way u play but it is not adequate for a positive effect. U must place ALL yr shots away from yr opponent to make it taxing for them to get. That's the name of the game. Yr net play is not masterful because u flick the shuttlecock. u can control it better if u lock yr wrist before yr racket hits the shuttle. wish u joy in continuing with badminton.
brenda steve Posted on 11/07/2016
Hi Dear, its My pleasure to come in contact with you. let get to know our self's OK. contact me back at ( ) i am interested to know you more better OK. hoping to read from you best regards yours Brenda,
david lee Posted on 14/12/2015
I watched u played against Ratchanok @ the Dubai Sseries 2015, in which u won despite some constraint due to ur r/knee I am sure. U would've been a much stronger player if u curb the habit of taking all the shots to ur left with ur forehand. U lost many unnecessary points due to this kamikaze method as ur right side becomes vulnerable. Take for instance, @ 1-0 in 2nd set. Also, @ 3-2 where a backhand would hv saved the shot that u had hit it out with ur habitual forehand. There are more of such instances u can find if u review the match . u need to avoid doing all those if u want to secure ur chances of winning future matches.. I believe the way u hold ur racket is not the best as ur smashes to the side often goes out of play and such concern imposes on u do it safe by returning shots within reach of ur opponent, which is not good. It also affects ur smashes as u can't make them steep (non of ur smashes in that game had worked). It must be the reason too that u are ...
david lee Posted on 05/09/2015
when competitors meet again and again the weaker ones will catch up and even rise above their opponents, depending on how fast they learn the strength and weakness of their opponents. your style of straight forward assault against your opponent will not work, esp those who are also physically strong. You totally lack deft touches which could benefit you a lot. And you still made many return shots to the convenient reach of your opponent in yr recent game with Seina. Anyway, yuo are still good. Cia u!
david lee Posted on 25/12/2014
It shows when ur opponent match u in physical strength on the court ur weakness appears glaringly, like high returns to the net, avoiding hitting shots down the line or even the far corners which appear amatuerish though u hv won many many games before. Cannot rely on ur strength alone anymore. its diminishing. u must turn to technique/tactic; ie to perfect ur shots and overcome ur fear of placing them difficult for ur opponent to reach. If not u r bound to slide in ur ranking.
david lee Posted on 30/09/2014
congratulation in yr winning the individual's gold at the Asian Games. I think u would be awesome if could add backhand smash/flick to yr play.
david lee Posted on 01/09/2014
There's no doubt U r physically a strong player, but most Europeans n even Indians basically hv strong sinews. Marin of Spain n Sindhu of India for instance r both fast and strong. Chinese players (except Li XR) generally tend to be fractionally slower which counts a lot when playing opponents who r physically stronger in their calibre. Rather than facing them strength for strength, in yr case, u shd try to adopt a tactical approach instead. In the past yr reliance on yr physical strength n resolve carried u to yr success. U could even overlook shots that u generously return directly to yr opponents n smashes that r within their reach. But it's no longer same anymore. U must revamp yr style now. Every return shots must be put far from easy reach of yr opponent. Only then will u hv a fighting chance to defeat them. And, u can't afford to return shots to the net the way u do which is too high. Best of luck in yr next competition.
Chen Mui Kei Posted on 05/06/2014
Chen Mui Kei Posted on 05/06/2014
LINH HOANG DIEU LE Posted on 12/01/2014
Congratulations! 加油! I love u <3
david lee Posted on 11/12/2013
wld like to see u continue playing at the top level for many yrs to come, but ur loss to much lower rank players like Sindhu is indication of hard struggles ahead. If u studied her games against Gu Juan in Sunrise Malaysia and recent one against ur Qiu Jinjing in Macau u'll notice her strong and weak points glaringly. Blame it on ur coach for not providing u such information.
Gina Aniger Posted on 16/11/2013
Wang YiHan still the best player ... how i admire her sooo much ... gud luck !
david lee Posted on 26/10/2013
congrats! you won at the recent game in Denmark. Like in the semifinal you had to struggle too. If not for your physical strength and determination, the result could have gone the other way. There are two reasons why you had to struggle:- 1) Your habit of returning shots directly to where they come from, ie where your opponent is positioned. 2) Your body smashes not effective. Its good for male players and doubles, not for you. If u do not do something about these 2 pts soon you'll relegate. You're already no longer efficient as before responding to low net shots.
Ratno Yudhistira Posted on 18/06/2013
Welcome Struggling In Badminton Championship Next
syafiqah ika Posted on 26/11/2012
can u tell me??what i do to play like you?
Ong Jia Min Posted on 20/11/2012
Wang Yi Han加油不要输给xuerui
faudhal akbar Posted on 16/09/2012
Ningthou Shinglai Posted on 06/08/2012
Wang yihan u r the best player in the world
Ningthou Shinglai Posted on 06/08/2012
Wang yihan u lok so cool
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