Lossing to a player that is weaker than you  
Date Posted : 04/07/2011 Comments (0)  |   Views (1362)
I believe that most of the badminton player went through this even the international player like Lin Dan. That event happen in 2004 which he lost to Ronald Susilo. It happened to me as well. This shows that badminton is not all about physical and skills, it also about mental skills.

I remembered during my teens, i had played with the same player 2 times and i always had a close fight with him but lost to him during competition, I keep asking myself why i always lost to him, but i could not find an answer. I found out the answer after the last time i played with him and won the game during our college competition.

The answer that i keep lossing to him is because I WAN to win him too much and keep making mistake. The last time i played with him, i just have a mindset that keep ever shuttles in the court and winning and lossing is not important to me , will just play a good badminton game.

So guys having different mindset in different situation is important in badminton.

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