A perfect start for Wang Lin in Yonex Australian Open GP Gold 2012  
Published on 04/04/2012     Source : Bettor.com

It was a perfect start for the female shuttler Lin Wang from China in Australian Open GP Gold as she cleared the qualification round on April 3, 2012.

The Chinese girl outclassed her rival Hadia Hosny from Egypt before stamping Xi Michelle Zhang of Australia in the qualifying round matches.

Lin Wang trod into main round where she will meet the Indonesian shuttler Adrianti Firdasari on April 4, 2012.

In her first match of the day, Lin unleashed an attack and defeated her rival in just two games which took only 16 minutes to give impressive figures of 21-6 and 21-8 in her favour.

The Egyptian lady Hadia Hosny got pale in front of the spirited opponent and crashed out of the event.

The opening set of the match was curtain raiser of splendid performance by the Women’s Singles expert Lin Wang as she dazzled her competitor with the lustrous performance.

The talented Lin launched a swift attack and did not give her rival Hadia even a single chance to rise on her toes. She established an unassailable lead and her rival kept trailing far behind her throughout the opening game.

Lin Wang bagged the first match point with a distinctive margin 21-6 on the board.

The Egyptian contender Hadia was gone with the wind when Lin blew her away with her gutsy performance in the second set.

Lin sealed her straight-set victory by registering a splendid score 21-8 on the board and set-up a tussle with Xi Michelle Zhang of Australia.

The second match was also decided in just 19 minutes as Lin Wang wrapped the show in two games by putting final 21-7 and 21-11 score on the board.

The first set was certainly the fastest one as it got concluded even before the spectators got settled properly. The Chinese girl was so perfect in executing her strategy that she seemingly beat her rival’s moves even before it was made.

Lin placed an impressive margin of 21-7 on the board at end of the first set.

The young and pulsating shuttler Lin played attacking badminton in the second set also and kept her rival at back foot with powerful strokes.

This time the Australian contender Xi Michelle tried to rise from the dust and put a decent total of 11 points in score log but Lin emerged as victor when scoreboard flashed the final figures of 21-11.


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