AXIATA CUP Finals Day 2 - And the Garuda flies into the sunset  
Published on 16/04/2012     Source : Badzine
Indonesia’s A-team, Garuda, took the Axiata Cup final, as expected, giving the crowd some top badminton action and their younger compatriots some much-needed experience.

Day 2 opened with a rematch of singles, with Simon Santoso playing his opponent of yesterday, Tommy Sugiarto.  Compared to yesterday, Tommy was in control of his pace, only dashing to finish a rally if needed.  However, even that was not enough to even challenge Simon, who repeated yesterday’s performance to finish the game in 2 straight games.

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west putra Posted On 16/04/2012
Gak sia" nonton langsung walaupun slalu sendiri! tp slalu di suguhkan permainan" yg atraktif dri pemain Indonesia. untuk Shesar thanks lemparan kaos@.hahahaha
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