Chen Jin rules in Men's Singles final of Australian Open GP Gold 2012  
Published on 09/04/2012     Source :

The Men’s Singles maestro Chen Jin of China ruled the court in title match of Australian Open GP Gold against Tien Minh Nguyen of Vietnam on April 8, 2012.

The top seeded shuttler of the event Chen Jin emerged as Champion after registering the significant margin of 21-11 and 21-12 in two games.

However, it was not a smooth sailing for Chen Jin as he had to wait for 53 minutes to stand at top of the victory stand.

The Chinese ace launched a brisk attack in opening set of the match and kept his rival at lower end with his power-packed shots as Tien Minh remained busy just in picking his masterly crafted strokes.

Chen Jin completely dominated the first half of the set and placed a decent margin of 9-3 within few minutes. His Vietnamese rival tried to rise from the dust by reducing the lead with 9-6 score but Chen Jin geared up in later part of the set and left his opponent far behind in score position.

Men’s Singles maestro came into commanding position after reaching 14-8 and then his four back-to-back points played a vital role in taking him to a decisive margin of 21-11.

In following game, the World Number 12 Vietnamese shuttler took a good start and established a lead by putting 6-3 score in first half of the set.

However, Chen Jin did not remain at lower side for much long as first he caught his rival at 7-7 score position and then mounted the pressure by scoring six consecutive points.

Tien Minh put some good resistance and temporarily blocked his rival’s expedition by winning clinching three crucial points and jumped to 10-13 score position.

However, the badminton maestro utilised his brilliance and reclaimed his supremacy with four quick points to place distinctive margin of 17-10 in last moments.

Tien Minh could not lift the burden of this seven-point deficit and bowed down after reading final 12-21 score on the board.

This Australian Open title raised Chen Jin’s chances to qualify for the 2012 London Olympics as the World Number five shuttler, who must have to be in top four shuttlers before May 3 world rankings for this purpose, earned some valuable ranking points.


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