Juliane Schenk slays Yao Jie to enter into final at European Championships 2012  
Published on 21/04/2012     Source : Bettor.com

Germany’s Juliane Schenk continued her inspiring performance as she hammered Yao Jie of Netherlands in Women’s Singles semi-final battle at the European Championships 2012 in Sweden, on Friday, April 20.

The World Number 8 Schenk, who is second seed in Women’s Singles draw of European Championships, presented a superb show of top quality badminton and overpowered the fifth seed Yao who has been placed at number 18 in the world.

The higher ranked Schenk played with impressive precision as she was in commanding position in the court and thrashed her Dutch rival in straight sets without showing any mercy.

On the other hand, Yao could not live up to expectations while playing against Schenk and bowed down to her in straight games without showing any resistance.

Schenk bagged this semi-final contest in just 34 minutes with a comprehensive margin on the board.

The start of the match was interesting when both ladies showed their aggressive skills and remained equal on the board.

However, Schenk changed her tactics and took over the control while working well in rear-court area and remained successful in taking a decent lead on the board until the one-minute interval.

After the break, Yao tried to play with variations and also employed fast drop shots and semi-smashes but failed to break the rhythm of her higher ranked German rival who was quicker in all areas of the court.

Schenk did not face any considerable problem in taking the first game with a one-sided margin of 21-13.

In the second game, Yao could not match the craft of her German opponent and remained struggling behind on the board in opening half.

In the meanwhile, Schenk remained aggressive as she did not spare any chance to execute powerful smashes and earned a sensational lead until the break.

After the interval, Schenk continued punishing Yao by maintaining her upper hand in the court and easily bagged the second set in a tremendous fashion with a remarkable 21-10 score on the board.

Schenk emerged as victorious in two games with a superb margin of 21-13 and 21-10.

In the title match, Schenk will take on Tine Baun of Denmark who defeated Linda Zechiri of Bulgaria in the other semi-final battle.


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