Malaysia Open GP Gold 2012: Chan Peng Soon and Goh Liu Ying claim Mixed Doubles title  
Published on 06/05/2012     Source :

Malaysia’s top couple Chan Peng Soon and Goh Liu Ying proved their superiority in the arena when they claimed Mixed Doubles title at the Malaysia Open GP Gold 2012 on Sunday, May 6, in Malaysia.

In the final match, Peng Soon and Liu Ying put up tremendous show and outplayed Indonesia’s Anggraini Weni and Fadhilah Irfan in a sensational fashion.

Peng Soon and Liu Ying, who are positioned at number 9 in world rankings, were top seeds in the tournament and they showed their impressive performance and cheered their home fans by nailing the title.

The top seeded Malaysian couple put up superb show in the final encounter and thrashed the inexperienced Indonesians in straight games while working for just 31 minutes in the court.

On the other hand, Irfan and Weni could not continue their positive and winning run in the title match and lost it to their higher ranked and experienced Malaysian rivals without taking any game.

After grabbing the title, Peng Soon said that they have won the tournament and are satisfied as it came in front of their home crowd.

He said, “This is a special moment for us because we finally won a title in front of our home fans. We came close last year but lost in the final.”

In the opening game, Peng Soon and Liu Ying did not waste any time and showed urgency in setting up a comfortable lead at the initial stage.

In the meanwhile, the Indonesians failed to cope up with the power play of their local opponents and remained struggling on the board.

Until the one-minute break, the top seeded Malaysians were far ahead at 11-4.

After the interval, Peng Soon and Liu Ying continued their impressive performance in this final contest and won the first game with a one-sided score of 21-12.

In the second game, the Malaysian duo again took a remarkable lead in opening half by reaching at 11-2.

After the break, Peng Soon and Liu Ying continued putting up strong show and did not let their challengers to catch up at any stage. They finished the set with a 21-14 margin on the score board.

Peng Soon and Liu Ying won the Mixed Doubles title by finishing the title match with a difference of 21-12 and 21-14.


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david lee Posted On 24/07/2012
Although Goh Lui Ying and Chan P S won the Mixed Doubles title in the Malaysian Open, I believe GLY pairing with Tan Wee Kiong will be better able to match those players out there.
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