National Champions crowned in Europe  
Published on 07/02/2011     Source : Badminton Europe

In most of Badminton Europe’s Member Associations the National Championships were being held over the last weekend. Here you can see a list of the new National Champions around Europe.  

(in alphabetical order) Austria: MS: Michael Lahnsteiner WS: Claudia Mayer MD: Peter Zauner/Juergen Koch WD: Alexandra Mathis/Belinda Heber MX: Roman Zirnwald/Simone Prutsch (photo) Belgium: MS: David Jaco WS: Lianne Tan MD: Freek Golinski/Matjis Dierickx WD: Steffi Annys/Serverine Corvilain MX: Gert Poesen/Manon Albinos Croatia: MS: Zvonimir Durkinjak WS: Andrea Zvorc MD: Igor Cimbur/Zvonimir Hoebling WD: Stasa Poznanovic/Lucija Vlah MX: Zvonimir Durkinjak/Stasa Poznanovic Czech Republic: MS: Petr Koukal WS: Kristina Ludikova MD: Jakub Bitman/Pavel Drancak WD: Kristina Ludikova/Marketa Mouritsen MX: Jakub Bitman/Alzbeta Basova Denmark: MS: Peter Gade (photo) WS: Tine Baun MD: Jonas Rasmussen/Mads Conrad WD: Marie Røpke/Line Kruse MX: Mads Kolding/Marie Helsbøl England: MS: ...

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