Simon Santoso topples Joe Wu in 1st round at 2012 Australian Open Grand Prix Gold  
Published on 03/04/2012     Source :

Indonesia’s top shuttler Simon Santoso displayed his elevated craft in Men’s Singles first round when he toppled Joe Wu of Australia at the 2012 Australian Open Grand Prix Gold on Tuesday, April 3, in Sydney.

Santoso, who is World Number Nine and third seed in Men’s Singles draw of the championship, put up tremendous show and thrashed his Australian opponent in an impressive fashion.

The Indonesian did not face any problem from his local rival and ended the match in two games in just 29 minutes.

On the other hand, Joe could not cope up with the speed and perfection of his opponent and crashed out from the event by losing the match in straight sets.

Santoso started his journey in the opening round in a relaxed and confident manner. He tested all of his strokes in order to get familiar with the condition of the court.

However, the higher ranked Santoso did not let his opponent to dominate the game at any stage and took a huge lead until the one-minute interval.

After the break, Joe tried to take the bird early but failed to control the pace of rallies and remained struggling far behind.

On the other hand, Santoso was in dominating position and dictated his lower ranked challenger in all areas of the court. He bagged the opening game with in an impressive fashion with a superb margin of 21-8.

In the second game, Santoso was fully focused and did not let his rival to get a good rhythm. He played with precision and managed a remarkable gap until the end of opening half in second set.

After the interval, Joe tried to play aggressive game but could not find himself in better position to his the bird hard. He failed to earn points with his wrong directed smashes.

Santoso progressed easily without facing any interruption in the game and won the second set with a striking score of 21-13.

The third seeded Indonesian ended this opening-round contest in just 29 minutes with a remarkable 21-8 and 21-13 score on the board.


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