2013 SkyCity New Zealand Badminton Open  
Start From 12/04/2013 Views (33115)
 StageDateStart TimeEnd Time (Approx)
Qualifying Rounds 10/04/2013 9AM
MS 1st Round 10/04/2013 5PM
Main 1st Round 11/04/2013 10AM
2nd Round 12/04/2013 10AM
Quarter Final 12/04/2013 6PM
Semi Final 13/04/2013 12PM
Final 14/04/2013 12PM
Men's singles :
Women's singles :
Men's doubles :
Women's doubles :
Watch Final matches online :
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Watch 2nd Round matches online :
When : From 10/04/2013 (Wed) to 14/04/2013 (Sun)
Where : North Shore Events Centre
Auckland , New Zealand
Cost : Online Ticket Sale


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6 Comments so far
samm xwave Posted On 14/04/2013
to bad,there's no sound :(
mohd amirul Posted On 14/04/2013
where i can watch live???somebody help me!!!
mohd amirul Posted On 14/04/2013
why no streaming in malaysia...please.. i wan to see malaysian match after this...
Prakash Seba Posted On 14/04/2013
After all the talk about Finals coverage by CUE TV (no body watches). Even they aren't showing at 12pm on Sunday. Only an Apology was shown. Useless sponsership by SKY TV. Pathetic.
Khomsah Noor Septiana Posted On 13/04/2013
Nggak ada suaranyyaa!!! jadi nggak enak nontonya =.=
Bishnu Rai Posted On 12/04/2013
Wake up nzland wake up ... It's time to do something ...m very sad ... Coz no once taking seriously about badmintion in nz .... Even public media. Why why why ????? Is only rugby our game ? ??????
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