2011 Indonesia Open Grand Prix Gold Live Stream  
Publish on 01/10/2011 Views (6368)

Thankyou for watching Live Stream of Indonesia Grand Prix Gold, the tournament is over, and the winners are:
MS: Dionysius Hayom RUMBAKA [Indonesia]
MD: Mohammad AHSAN/Bona SEPTANO [Indonesia]
WS: Chen Xiao Jia [China]
WD: Vivian Kah Mun HOO/Khe Wei WOON [Malaysia]
XD: He Hanbin/Bao Yixin [China]

Watch matches of this tournament online

Women's Double
Hoo/Woon vs Bao/Zhong
Women's Single
Chen Xiaojia vs Pi Hongyan

Match Results


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4 Comments so far
tarsisius sigho Posted On 01/10/2011
The images are not clear here in Taiwan..... The come very slow and bluuuuurrrrrrrr............
mast wow Posted On 01/10/2011
can we fix the video, i see boring tennis!!!!
mast wow Posted On 01/10/2011
can we change the channel to badminton????
mast wow Posted On 01/10/2011
the video is wrong video
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