2011 Yonex Japan Open Live Stream  
Publish on 20/09/2011 Views (23818)

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9 Comments so far
jimmy chandra halim Posted On 25/09/2011
cen long is a dirty player... cong wei win
Benson Ruan Posted On 24/09/2011
Try this link if you can't see the live stream above http://www.sportlemon.tv/v-2/10/50/v-305048.html. BWF have block the live stream in Japan, Hong Kong and Malaysia.
umcad umcad Posted On 24/09/2011
live stream not working, anyone can help?
Benson Ruan Posted On 22/09/2011
Hi, the live stream is back on now.
mast wow Posted On 22/09/2011
i cant see the video anyone?
Justin Lai Posted On 22/09/2011
My live stream just doesn't come on, pls help
Justin Lai Posted On 22/09/2011
I can't get my live stream working. Already registered as member for Badminton Link and SeeOn but to no avail. Any advice appreciated
Benson Ruan Posted On 21/09/2011
The live stream is back on now
mast wow Posted On 21/09/2011
can't seem to see the video, anyone can help?
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