2013 Victor Korea Open MSF Lee Chong Wei vs Du Pengyu  
Publish on 13/01/2013 Views (4601)
Lee Chong Wei

From Malaysia
Du Pengyu

From China

Game 1 : 21-12

Game 2 : 21-15


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4 Comments so far
WC Wong Posted On 16/01/2013
when dominance is complete, it breeds unhealthy situations. just like what is happening with badminton, by china. only when other countries produce strong opponents to china, will china's unhealthy influence be diluted and nullified. li yong bo was playing before my time, so i cant even say that i respect him as a player. but as a coach, i despise him. his fingerprints on so many match fixings/throwings these past few yrs give all those whom like the game - a bad name. like what happened at the london games.
Mark Lim Posted On 14/01/2013
The China Coach Li Yong Bo, is always try to creat unfair game, by shouting within the court, to disturb Lee Chong Wei...as Lee Chong Wei understands chinese, Li Yong Bo try to shout by using chinese language, to disturb the game...If you reply Olympics Games 2012, you will notice this barking coach was creating an unfair game.
Mark Lim Posted On 14/01/2013
Obviously, without the China barking and shouting coach Li Yong Bo, unfairly disturb the tournament, Lee Chong Wei is always No1.
wan khadijah Posted On 13/01/2013
why not available for malaysia? sob sob
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